ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08 : Invitation

ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08, presented by Jailbreak Toys, is coming up on October 17th in New York City. ART + ACTION is an exhibition of custom Obama Action Figures by contemporary artists, graf writers, and toymakers. Visionary pieces by Mars-1 and Jason Alberto Garcia, edgy versions by Damion Silver and David Choong Lee, as well as completely reconstructed custom toys by Brin Berliner, kaNO, and so many more will line the walls of The Showroom NYC at Toy Tokyo. Ron English will be there signing his Abraham Obama posters. There will also be signed Obama posters for sale by legendary Obey-creator, Shepherd Fairey.

Brooklyn-based funk archivalists Truth And Soul will heat the place up with fat, juicy grooves. Singha Beer will cool the place down with Thai-style pilsner. This event will be fresh, funky, thought-provoking, inspirational and one-of-a-kind. Be there.

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Jailbreak Toys is having a gallery show at Toy Tokyo! On October 17th, ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08 will present custom Obama Action Figures by contemporary artist greats, such as Mars-1, David Choong Lee, and Damion Silver, toy designers like Brent Nolasco, Voltaire, and olive47, as well as graf writers and design mavens from all over the country. These artists will use unpainted Obama Action Figures to project their vision of America. The toy master himself, Brin Berliner, will be doing a special recast of Obama. All proceeds of these custom one-of-a-kind Obama Action Figures will benefit the Obama For America campaign.

Art superstar Ron English will also be signing posters of his famous Abraham Obama image. Obama posters from legendary street artist Shepherd Fairey will be given away on the hour; a handful of signed copies will be available for sale.

Brooklyn-based funk archivalists, Truth And Soul, will be throwing down some rare grooves. Singha Beer is hooking up the brews.

October 17th

The Showroom NYC at Toy Tokyo
117 Second Avenue (@ 7th Street) 2nd Floor

To participate in ART + ACTION as a sponsor or buyer, please contact Jenn Breckenridge immediately at All press inquiries for ART + ACTION, please contact Todd Fraser at

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CALL TO ARTISTS : Custom Obama Action Figures

Jailbreak Toys is curating a stellar show of custom Obama Action Figures in New York City. Get involved!

Jailbreak Toys, makers of the edgy, sculptural Obama Action Figure, will present ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08 at Toy Tokyo’s gallery: The Showroom NYC on October 17th. Contemporary artist greats, such as Mars-1 and Damion Silver, design mavens, and legendary graf writers will customize J*Rock’s Obama Action Figures with their unique vision of America. 10% of the sale of each figure will go to the artist, with the remainder going to the Obama For America campaign. Art superstar Ron English will be doing a signing of his Abraham Obama posters.

If you’d like to be involved in ART + ACTION, please send your mailing address and a jpeg or hyperlink of your work to before October 1st. All figures must be returned to Jailbreak Toys by October 12th to participate.

If you’re in New York on October 17th, come check out the show!

October 17th, 2008

The Showroom NYC at Toy Tokyo
117 Second Avenue (@ 7th Street) 2nd Floor

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McCain’s In The House!!!



Here’s a thought. Maybe, just maybe, this whole “McCain’s pulling ahead” storyline is actually just a big steamin’ load of bullshit being served up by a media that, at the end of the day, loves nothing more than ratings.

Have a look at the photo above.  This photo was taken at McCain’s rally today in Jacksonville.  In a stadium with 18,000 seats, he managed to put asses in about 3,000.  Take out the media and his staff and I bet it comes out to something more like 2,500.  And it got me to thinking…

Every Obama supporter I’ve spoken to or read from lately is scared as hell because of the Palin surge.  I’ve been telling them up and down to keep their cool.  We’re putting too much fear and general negative energy out there.  Fear breaks the ranks and causes disunity. That’s exactly what any opponent wants.  And it’s exactly what the Republicans are getting right now.  Take a deep breath and look at the picture above.  This is what you’re scared of?

We should all operate under the 1984 priciple (No, I’m not referencing Reagan’s landslide, I’m talking about Orwell’s book).  Don’t blindly trust the information you’re being given by any official source.  It’s serving many powerful interests in various ways.  Poll numbers, for example:  Orwell could hardly have envisoned an easier, more ingenious means of mass mind control.  Show a chart with a red line and a blue line converging and the whole nation simultaneously goes into spasms of joy or rage, depending on which color they’re rooting for.  While the poll numbers drive all the news stories,  what my two eyes tell me when I look at this picture is that the man at the top of the Republican ticket can’t put asses in seats.  I was at Invesco and I can attest to the fact that Obama does not have that problem in the slightest.

Voting requires people to get of their asses and go do something.  In general, Americans are loathe to get off their asses, as is evidenced by our staggeringly low overall voter turnout, not to mention the size of the average American ass.  If people aren’t willing to get off the couch to see a candidate speak in their hometown, chances are decent they won’t make it to the polling station on November 4 either.  And presumably, the converse is true too.  If you care enough to go to a rally, you’ll probably be motivated enough to go down and vote on November 4 too. If my theory holds any water, Obama’s in fine shape.

Now, here’s the other part of the story.  Our media is by and large a for profit business.  The way they make their money is by keeping eyes glued to their content.  For news networks, the elections are their cash cow.  (Take it from a guy who’s paying all his bills with Obama Action Figures – there’s a lot of money that flows around these things.) The election is basically like a drawn out News Superbowl that only comes every four years.

If the Superbowl’s a blowout, most people tune out by the third quarter.  Nothing the network can do about that other than hope for a close game. Do you doubt for a second that they’d rig the Superbowl to stay close if they could get away with it?  Of course they would!  When thirty seconds nets $2 million, even a saint would become a scoundrel.  And there ain’t no saints in the offices on Madison Avenue.  But the elections… oh my.  Now that’s another story.  The networks, in this case,  DO have the power to keep the game close.  They drive the whole story.  And lo and behold – what a marvelous coincidence! – this election that was a surefire runaway for the Democrats has suddenly tightened up just as we’re heading into the fourth quarter.

Or did it?  Let’s not forget too quickly the lessons of Iraq with its ass-kissing embedded reporters who hopped on board for the ride, and brought all of us along with them, without ever stopping to wonder why.  Truth was the first casualty of that war.  If we haven’t learned to question the veracity of the news, then we’ve learned nothing from the last eight years.

They do what they do because they know that what they’ve got is better than crack. Real-life drama!  With really real consequences!  And those same people who brought you embedded journalism and war under false pretense are now leading us on this magical roller-coaster ride of an election.  I guarantee, in two weeks time, if you stick with the media narrative, you’ll be oohing and aahing as Obama’s blue line starts climbing back up that hill to the Never Never Land of fifty percent.

Get off the ride, Obama nation.  Get your swagger back.  We’re being played.

In the immortal words of George W. Bush, “Fool me once, shame on you!  Fool me twice…. I won’t get fooled again!”

You Go, Girls!

Check out the ladies on The View, sticking it to the man! Turns out that they have more balls than anyone else in the media.  Well done, ladies.  Lies are lies.  Someone’s got to say it.

Matt Damon Says No To President Palin

In this appearance on CBS, Matt Damon breaks down the possibility of Sarah Palin taking over the Presidency, if her 72-year-old running mate were to become seriously ill. Just how likely is that?

When you factor in the logic of Garry South over at, President Palin looks like a bone-chilling possibility. He states:

For most of the campaign, McCain has been schlepping around his 96-year-old mother, Roberta, as a testament to the longevity in his family. And God bless her, she seems like a spunky and tart-tongued lady. McCain himself may live to be 100 — and I hope he does. But what he probably would prefer voters not focus on is the paternal lifespans in his family. His father, a Navy admiral, passed away at 70 — two years younger than McCain is today. His paternal grandfather, also an admiral, died at 61, 11 years younger than McCain is today…The average life expectancy for an American male at present is 75.4 years. As of today, McCain is just three and half years short of that statistic — and a presidential term is four years long, as we all know.

Is this lifelong NRA member and PTA Mom-turned-Governor from Alaska is a woman in touch with the needs of our entire country? I’m a woman and I rooted for Hillary, but I have to side with Matt on this one-Governor Palin is a presidential nightmare.

Jailbreak Toys Making News At The DNC

Brooklyn artist and creator of the Obama Action Figure, Jason Feinberg was featured in Denver’s Rocky Mountain News during the Democratic National Convention. Check it out…

Artists Join the Crush of Street Peddlers Offering Souvenirs

By Joyzelle Davis, Rocky Mountain News | Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alyssa Zeller holds an Obama action figure for sale on the 16th Street Mall on Monday. More than 680 people applied for peddler's licenses for the week of the Democratic convention.

Alyssa Zeller holds an Obama action figure for sale on the 16th Street Mall on Monday. More than 680 people applied for peddler’s licenses for the week of the Democratic convention.

More than 680 people applied for peddler’s licenses to sell their wares during the DNC this week, according to the city of Denver, compared to 80 during last year’s World Series. Some of the vendors are artists and entrepreneurs who designed their souvenirs themselves. Here are profiles of three:

* Jason Feinberg designed and sold whimsical action figures like Che Guevara, Beethoven and Malcolm X for three years as a sideline while he worked as a English as a second language teacher.

Then Barack Obama changed his life.

Feinberg, who founded Jailbreak Toys, started churning out the Barack Obama figure as soon as the Illinois Senator won the Iowa caucus this January. The $13 doll turned into an immediate hit, and soon Jailbreak was supplying the toy to Urban Outfitters, Borders and selling it online.

Feinberg brought 5,000 of the dolls with him from his home in Brooklyn to Denver, where he and his girlfriend, Alyssa Zeller, are selling them in a cart across the street from Writer’s Square. The dolls sold well enough to allow him to quit his teaching job in June and devote himself full time to the business.

“I often think how strange it is to have my fortune tied to someone I’ve never met,” said Feinberg, 31.

Feinberg is donating $1 to the Obama campaign for every doll that Jailbreak sells – until Jailbreak hits the campaign contribution limit of $2,300.

Jailbreak also makes a McCain action figure, but only because one of his retail clients said it couldn’t sell the Obama doll without providing bipartisan balance. Feinberg has no plans to set up shop at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul next week, however.

“It just wouldn’t feel right,” he said.

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